Our Litters

Accepting applications and deposits for our 2025 Spring/Summer and Fall litters.

If you would like to be added to our wait list, please fill out our “Puppy Application Form”.   After you filled it out, we will schedule a phone call with you.  To reserve your spot on our waitlist we require a $1000 deposit that will go toward your puppy price.
Raising versatile hunting dogs is our primary goal. We focus on temperament, health, natural drive and confirmation. Our dogs go through all the required health tests, which are OFA hips, elbows, eyes and Canine Hyperuricosuria (HUU).
True to their reputation, wirehaired vizslas are definitely “velcro dogs,” but on the field they range out to 100 – 150 yards. They are great foot hunters and water-loving retrievers.
Wirehaired vizslas are high energy dogs. Their hunting instinct is very strong and they love to stretch their legs. They need to run on a daily basis; a 30-minute walk around the block is not enough for them, so please consider that when choosing this breed.
All of our puppies go through the “Bio Sensor Program” developed by the U.S. Military in their canine program in an effort to improve the performance of dogs.
Puppies are raised in our home with our 3 children.  Crate training starts at 4 weeks and at 6 weeks we introduce puppies to birds, water and gun shots.  By this time we can tell you which puppy would be the best fit for you, your family and for your goals.  Puppies leave our home between 8-10 weeks.
Puppy Application FormBio Sensor Program