Our Girls


HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Virtus

She came to us from the Zöldmáli Kennel at the end of 2020. She is the sweetest, most gentle dog in the house. Her nickname is “Playdough,” because if she doesn’t want to move, she acts like playdough and is impossible to move.

But you put her on the field and she becomes this amazing hunting machine. Her hunting style is very intense, and her nose is very good. She is very competitive and even though she is my smallest dog, she will keep up with anyone and try to beat them to be the first on the bird.  

She is also the only dog I have that will swim across a pond and climb a tree to retrieve a shot bird.  

She is working on her AKC Senior Hunter title.


  • Anouk Z Cervenych Vrsku


  • Avar von der Sonnenansicht

Show & Work Results


  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion
  • 4 x HPJ
  • 2x Best Junior
  • 5 X CAC
  • 2x CACIB
  • resCACIB
  • BOS
  • BOB


  • AV (Natural Ability Test) – max score
  • ÖTV 1st prize (Hungarian HZP, field and water test with live duck search)

Health Results:

  • HD-A (excellent)
  • ED-free
  • Free of Genetic Eye Disorders
  • HUU carrier
  • Longhair free (L/L)

IntCH CH Zöldmáli Akác JH

Akác is Virtus’s daughter, and was our pick of the litter. She is a very sweet, gentle girl who is an amazing hunter with beautiful style on the field. She loves water and could swim forever.

She is smart, stubborn and loves being challenged on the field, but once inside, she will snuggle in my lap or under my blanket and curl up into a tiny fur ball.

She was going to finish her Junior Hunt Title and NAVHDA NA at 8 months old and I’m glad she did NAVHDA the weekend before she did her AKC Junior Hunt Test because on her double hunt tests 3rd run, our brace mate didn’t see her backing his dog behind him and he pointed his starter pistol and fired it right into Akác’s face.  She first collapsed and then ran to me terrified!  I tried to keep it positive to finish her run but she was done.  We did not get a pass but shockingly she did come back to the field for her 4th run and got her 3rd pass.  She did not receive her title that weekend and after we came home we realized how badly she was affected by this horrible incident.  When she saw a bird on the field, she ran back to our house.  If she heard a gun shot in the distance, she would shake like a leaf and wouldn’t leave the house.

It took me a year with a handful of people’s help to get her back out to the field  and get over her gun shyness to be able to hunt with her again.  She ended up finishing her Junior Hunt Title a year later and we have started to prepare for her Senior Hunt Title. 

After our incident, I felt like our goals were crushed but she has taught me to be a better gun dog trainer and that our goals still can be the same, it’ll just take a little longer to get there.


  • Zöldmáli Virtus


  • Zöldmáli Extreme

Show, Work & Health Results


  • 2022 Orlando, FL – AKC National Championship BOS
  • 2022 Orlando, FL – AKC National Owner Handled Series Final BOS
  • 2022 Hillsborough, NC – IABCA International Champion
  • 2022 Raleigh, NC – AKC American Champion
  • 2023 Lexington, KY – WVCA Inaugural National Specialty Select Bitch 
  • 2023 Lexington, KY – WVCA Inaugural National Specialty Hunting Bitch Winner
  • 2023 West Columbia, SC – WVCA Specialty BOS 3X
  • 2023 Hillsborough, NC – IABCA National Champion


  • NAVHDA NA Prize II at 8 months old
  • AKC Junior Hunter

Health Results:

  • OFA Hips Good
  • OFA Elbows Good
  • HUU N/HU carrier
  • Furnishing F/F Dog has furnishing.  All offsprings will have furnishing.