Obedience Training

Board & Train

With programs ranging from 2 – 8 weeks, we will customize a curriculum that addresses your concerns and goals for your puppy or dog. Using training best practices, daily structure and engagement with different scenarios and social stimuli, your dog will receive dedicated obedience training, socialization, exercise and experiences to build the foundation for a well-balanced pup. All programs will include the foundations of obedience such as sit, down, come, and manners in both our controlled home-based and external environments. As your dog progresses, we will add heel, leash walking, extended stays and other more advanced skills.

For younger pups (between 4 and 6 months), we will also focus on potty training, socialization and general house manners. 

After all Board and Train programs we will provide a one-hour in home session to go over your dog’s progress and ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to build on your training investment. You will also receive unlimited phone consultations and discounted private or group sessions for 1 year after completion of the program.

Obedience/Board and Train
Obedience Canine Good Citizen Class and Test

Canine Good Citizen Class and Test

We meet once a week for 6 weeks and work on the 10 test requirements for the CGC test.

Test is on the 6th week of our class. You can find the test list here https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/training/training-for-the-canine-good-citizen-test/


Kata is a pleasure to work with and has helped our two hounds tremendously. She is very professional and willing to take the time to ensure all of your questions are answered. She also continues to be helpful even after we finish up our classes with her.

Matthew P.Boston, MA

Kata was kind enough to offer free basic training for the board members of One Tail at a Time, NFP in Chicago. She came over with her dog Lumpi and went over everything you could imagine. She also prepared training booklets for us that we use for foster and adoptive parents. We very much appreciate the time she took out of her schedule to teach us about dog behavior, there is no doubt in my mind that each one of us came out with a deeper understanding on how to care for rescue dogs.

One Tail at a TimeChicago, IL

Kata is wonderful! She speaks dog!! She helped me with my two boys, both older and one of whom is very stubborn. She proved you are able to teach old dogs, me included, new tricks. They are much better behaved and I have a better understanding of their body language. If your pet needs training, I highly recommend her.

Debra V.Dallas, TX

Kata helped my kids and me so much with training our puppy. She was so knowledgable not only about dog behavior but also about owner behavior. She helped me correct Angus’ crate barking and taught us how to teach him basic commands. Kata had great tips on bringing our new puppy into our home and spent time with the kids showing them safe and fun games to play with him. We enjoyed working with Kata and would highly recommend her.

Caroline M.Dallas, TX